Course 3 outline

Each course is run over a weekend, and consists of 8 modules.

Module 1 Introduction to Neural Networks
Module 2 Neural Network Inputs and Outputs
Module 3 Neural Network Architecture
Module 4 Neural Network Training, testing, putting it all together
Module 5 Dynamic Money Management; probability revisited
Module 6 Dynamic Portfolio Management
Module 7 Genetic Optimization
Module 8 Checkpoint: where you came from, where you are now, where to from here

1. Each course is 2 days, and is run over 1 weekend (Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-5)
2. Each course costs $1,500
3. You will need to bring a laptop to the course.
4. Wealth-Lab offer a 1 month fully-functional free trial of their software for evaluation purposes. Please don’t install Wealth-lab on your portable before the course.