Course Feedback

Feedback from previous course participants

Feedback from Course 1

John – Before I attended the first course I had been interested in Artificial Neural Networks and had intended to use the Amibroker add-on for this. The first two courses are a requirement for Bruce’s ANN session which is what I was primarily interested in. However, at the first course, Bruce went through the use of Wealth Lab to design systems rigorously. We learnt way more than I expected and I would have to say that it was probably the best trading education session that I have attended. It is a good sign when you learn things that you do not even realise were important only after woods to realise how hard the path to success would have been without these skills . Even though I am not a programmer, the coding for Wealth Lab is not hard using templates to model your own design. I have come to realise how exceptionally powerful WL is. Bruce is a great, humble and passionate teacher and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Louise – Thanks for Course 1 Bruce.  Finally I have found someone to teach me how to use software to test my trading systems.

Warren – I undertook this course with my ultimate aim being to attend Bruce’s Course 3 which deals with Neural Networks. I found it refreshing to be presented with quality content free of the usual marketing and catch phrases so often present in a lot of courses. The course content shows a proper methodical pathway to code and test systems in an objective manner. Bruce is very generous with his time and knowledge and I would highly recommend his courses.

Feedback from Course 2

John – Thanks for you for your incredible generosity in sharing the course with us!  I count myself as especially lucky to have attended it and realise that most of the trading books I have read have been a waste of time. At least I now know how to sensibly back-test the viability of systems for myself. How anyone would dare to trade without this knowledge now defies me. Very much appreciated and enjoyed!

Louise – Bruce has shared with the class group information he has gleaned over the last decade through valid statistical testing. This gives me great confidence to apply his “stubs” to my own systems knowing that there is a positive statistical edge before I even start. In addition the slides Bruce presents and his communication style are excellent. He is also very generous with his time and replies to email questions very quickly. If you understand that trading is all about probabilities and you’re prepared to do some (fun) work to get where you want to be then this course is for you.

Lachlan – To get the most from Wealthlab learning to program in C# is necessary. Knowing C# before this course would be an advantage but is not essential as Bruce generously provides sample code for a number of explorations  representing many, many hours of development on Bruce’s part. Bruce’s generosity in sharing this code and much hard-won observation of market behaviour means that this course (course 1 and 2) provides the building blocks and pre-qualified ideas for anyone embarking on the development of  back-testable strategies for engaging with the market. Course 2 builds on course 1 and added so much more to my understanding of market behaviour that I strongly recommend  both modules.

Warren – Course 2 really builds on the knowledge gained from the first course and gives a solid foundation to become a great systems trader. This course gives you an objective look at Market behaviour and how to create, test and build robust systems. It’s refreshing to learn content without the usual subjectivity that is present in a lot of other courses.