Course Schedule

I prefer to run my courses on weekends and in small group format.  I only run my courses on the Gold Coast.

Please Contact Me and let me know your interest, then I can organize a date which suits you best.

Gold Coast Course 1 – Getting Started in Systems Trading 5th/6th August 2017
Gold Coast Course 2 – Systems Trading in the Markets 26th/27th August 2017
Gold Coast Course 3 – Advanced Systems Trading Details on request

1. Each course is 2 days, and is run over 1 weekend (Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-5)
2. Each course costs $1,500
3. You will need to bring a laptop to the course.
4. Wealth-Lab offer a 1 month fully-functional free trial of their software for evaluation purposes. Please don’t install Wealth-lab on your portable before the course.

Course 3 is focused on Machine Learning, and is aimed at those who have been trading successfully for some time, and would like to learn about more advanced approaches.