Q. Do I need to be familiar with computer programming, Wealth-Lab, or C# before coming on the first course?
A. No!  Most of the previous attendees have had little or no experience in computer programming or C#.  I teach the essentials through the use of carefully scripted examples and templates.  These examples are aimed at teaching programming skills, proficiency in the Wealth-Lab tool, and specific trading lessons all at the same time!  After you finish the first course, I’ll give you homework to complete before you attend the second course.  In this way, in the second course you can focus on learning the correct trading techniques without being bogged down by programming problems.

Q. Do you give trading advice?
A. No! I am not a licensed financial advisor. The information presented on the courses is for your education as a systems trader. It is not advice to trade in a specific way.  I do not give trading advice.  The point of my courses is to teach you how to trade for yourself!