My Trading Courses

I offer 3 trading courses, each focused on developing your skills as a systems trader.

The courses are designed to build your systems trading knowledge progressively.  All three courses are designed around Wealth-Lab.  To be a successful systems trader, you must learn how to code C# and how to use the tools properly.  You also need to understand some statistics and maths.  These are the objectives of the first course.  It is a pre-requisite for either of my other courses.

Course 1 – Getting Started in Systems Trading
This course is focused on teaching the essentials of system trading, and should allow you to begin developing your own systems.  The key skills are coding systems in C#, and testing systems and ideas using specific statistical and mathematical techniques.  These skills are essential for traders.  They help you define and assess your “edge” – without which there is no opportunity for success.  Many traders overlook these skills, fearing that they are too complicated.  These skills are not complicated, and in my opinion, these traders are doomed to failure by their own ignorance.  Your best chance of success in trading is to get educated.
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Course 2 – Systems Trading in the Equity markets
Once you know the process and methods of systems trading, the next step is building your own system.  This course presents a number of ‘stubs’ – sets of buy/sell rules and money management approaches that yield an “edge”.  We will focus on benchmarking these stubs and understanding where this edge comes from.  Stubs are not finished systems, they are simple buy/sell rules that generate a positive statistical edge in the markets.  You are welcome to use these stubs as starting points for your own systems development. Alternatively, you may already have your own buy/sell rules, and you can use the information on this course to enhance your own approach.
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Course 3 – Advanced Systems Trading
Once you have been trading your systems in the markets for a while, you will begin to notice potential areas for improvement.  Quite often, these areas can be addressed using the skills you have already learned, but occassionally, some jobs call for heavier duty tools.  This course guides you through the complexities of developing Neural Networks and shows how Artificial Intelligence techniques can be used to solve quite complex trading problems.  The course also introduces the ideas of dynamic money management and dynamic portfolio management, both of which aim to make a system more responsive to market conditions.
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