Why take a trading course?

Trading is a reasonably complex endeavour.  To be successful, you need to know a lot of specific information about a number of diverse areas.  Unlike many market pundits, I do not know how the market “works”, or have some magic formula to make you successful.  If you are looking for that kind of education, then my courses are not for you.

What I do know about is Systems Trading – the art of building rules-based trading systems.  Rules-based (or algorithmic) systems are the foundation of any successful trading endeavour.  Rules-based systems are not subjective or discretionary, and hence, do not rely on “interpretations” of patterns and data.  Systems Trading is about building systems based on clear and precise unambiguous rules.  To build these systems, you need the right tools, and you need to know how to code for them and how to use them properly.  You also need to understand a little statistics, so you can test your systems properly, and have confidence in the future operation of your systems.  Finally, you need a little mathematics, to understand the basics of money management.

My courses teach these required skills.  These skills are not overly difficult to learn, and I have successfully taught them to all manner of people over the last five years.  My courses do not already assume you are a computer programming, maths and stats expert!  I take you through the process step by step with loads of examples.  All thats needed from you is the desire to learn!